Muhammad Sajid

Stockholm, Sweden


A high-octane Cloud Solutions Architect with a passion for turning whiteboard drawings into fully functional cloud-native software solutions. He is one of the early adopters of cloud and a well-known face in the Microsoft Azure community. Sajid has helped many organizations in their cloud transformation journey by training teams and promoting modern cloud-native development techniques. He has a great interest in DDD, Distributed Event-Driven systems, BIG data, and IoT. Currently Working as Lead Cloud Solutions Architect and Leading Cloud Center for Enablement initiative that is responsible for DevOps and Cloud-native transformation for the organization. Sit in Organizations Enterprise Architecture Council as a Subject matter expert for Azure. -A storyteller, motivator, teacher and experienced in leading and building teams. -Automation freak. -Bad at multitasking. -Big time browser tabs-hoarder. -Love to play badminton and taking photographs.

When Stateful Serverless met Planet-scale Event-sourcing

In many businesses, modifying or changing the data is a crime, for example, Banking, forensic, medicine, and law. You have to use Event-sourcing if your business requires a complete log of changes for auditing, traceability, and analytics. How? In this session, I will show you just that.