Alex Casalboni

Milan, Italy


Alex is a Senior Technical Evangelist at Amazon Web Services, deeply passionate about web technologies and music. Alex has been building web products and helping other builders learn from his experience since 2011. His coding love spreads across the Python and the JavaScript communities, and he’s been contributing to open-source projects such as the Serverless Framework and AWS SAM. He co-organizes the serverless meetup in Milan, as well as ServerlessDays Milan (previously JeffConf). In his free time, Alex loves snowboarding, jogging, traveling, and playing his saxophone.

Data-driven & cost-aware performance tuning for AWS Lambda

How can we combine cost optimization and performance tuning into a single data-driven process, and even integrate it into our CI/CD pipelines? This talk will showcase an open-source tool to optimize Lambda functions resource allocation without requiring complex refactors or architectural changes, while showcasing charts and cost/performance patterns of real-world use cases.