Massimo Bonanni

Rome, Italy


I’m an Azure Technical Trainer in Microsoft and my goal is to help customers utilize their Azure skills to achieve more and leverage the power of Azure in their solutions. I’m also a technical speaker at national and international conferences, a Microsoft Certified Trainer, a former MVP (for 6 years in Visual Studio and Development Technologies and Windows Development), an Intel Software Innovator, and an Intel Black Belt. I’m a community guy and I love biking, reading, and dogs!!

The art of Azure Functions (unit) testing and monitoring

Can I implement unit tests on my Azure Functions? How can I monitor my Azure Functions in a production environment? These are the questions that born into the head of the developer immediately after realizing that the Azure Functions can be a handy tool for designing a whole range of scenarios. In this session, you learn how to implement functions that are unit testable and which is the best approach to make them monitorable.