Daniel Bass

London, UK


I’m a Software Developer at a large Investment Management firm in the City of London. I’m the author of 2 books on Serverless - “Beginning Advanced Serverless Architectures with Microsoft Azure”. I love travelling around the world and learning to cook vegetarian dishes from different cuisines.

Serverless Slack Bots with Azure Durable Functions

Learn how we built a Serverless Slack Bot that posts customized trade notifications to analysts at one of the largest investment managers in Europe using Azure Durable Functions. Dan will show you how to build your own Serverless Slack Bot on Azure using Typescript, explain the principles behind the architecture and demonstrate the significant development speed improvement. He’ll also talk about how to enable such innovation at such a large Financial Enterprise and how to pitch Serverless Architectures there. You’ll leave this talk with an understanding of how Serverless Slack Bots work, how you could build one yourself and hopefully some ideas for your own use-cases!