Ara Pulido

Technical Evangelist at Datadog


Ara Pulido is a Technical Evangelist at Datadog. Prior to that, she was an Engineering Manager at Bitnami and Canonical. She has more than 10 years of experience working on infrastructure open source companies. Ara lives in Málaga, Spain, and is a passionate advocate of remote working.

Observability for Serverless Workloads

Having a good observability strategy has become critical for companies running applications in production with a microservices architecture. But what about serverless functions? What are the differences when it comes to monitoring, logging, and tracing for serverless workloads? How can we make sure we are getting the right data from our systems without compromising the size and performance of our functions?

In this session, we will introduce the topic of observability for a serverless architecture. We will explain the different tradeoffs that we should consider and the data points we should focus on to better understand our serverless applications. We will demonstrate this using an image recognition application that uses both VMs and functions in a true hybrid environment.